Exhibitor case studies series: Build better homes marketing review

Exhibitor case studies series: Build better homes marketing review
Courtesy: Image from Build Better Homes

Build Homes Better helps build low energy, eco-friendly homes that will stand the test of time by using an Insulated Concrete Formwork system for external walls and foundations at a faster and at a lower cost.

In this marketing review, we'll delve into the key details and discuss what Build Better homes is doing right to attract a qualified audience and where it might have some room for improvement from a marketing perspective.

Upon reviewing the Home | Build Homes Better website, here are some marketing tricks that are working to generate more website users.

Clear and compelling headline: The website features a prominent and concise headline that immediately communicates the value proposition: "Building Homes Better." This captures attention and conveys the core message.

Eye-catching visuals: The website utilises high-quality images that showcase beautifully constructed homes and interior designs. These visuals create an emotional connection with the audience and evoke a sense of aspiration.

Testimonials and social proof: The website incorporates testimonials from satisfied customers, providing social proof of the company's expertise and reliability. Displaying positive feedback from real clients helps build trust and confidence in potential customers.

Call-to-action buttons: The website strategically places well-designed call-to-action buttons throughout its pages. These buttons prompt visitors to take action, such as "Get a Quote" or "Contact Us," making it easy for users to engage with the company.

Value-driven content: The website offers informative content that educates visitors about various aspects of home building and improvement. Articles, blog posts, and resources demonstrate the company's knowledge and establish it as an authority in the industry.

Mobile-friendly design: The website is optimised for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across different screen sizes. This is crucial, considering the increasing number of users accessing websites from mobile devices.

Clear navigation and user-friendly layout: The website has a clean and intuitive navigation menu, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need. The layout is well-structured, ensuring a logical flow of content and minimising confusion.

Prominent contact information: The website prominently displays contact information, including phone numbers and a contact form, enabling visitors to reach out and enquire about services easily.

Integration with social media: The website integrates social media buttons and links to the company's social media profiles. This encourages visitors to connect with the brand on various platforms and stay updated with the latest news and offerings.

Overall, the website successfully attracts a qualified audience by focusing on their needs, providing valuable content and resources, and creating an engaging user experience.

Nevertheless, when enduring in marketing activities to make your brand stronger, we’ve identified a few aspects that are missing to attract more qualified leads:

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